Whether you plan to be in the UAE for a couple of months or many years... our heart is for you to build real relationships and find your family whilst you’re here. None of us can do life alone! Hangouts are a space where you can connect, be encouraged, and grow through conversations around faith, life, and God. If you’re not already in a Hangout, why not join one today? There’s space for you!

Oscar & Maclina
Dubai has been our home for over 20 years now. We have 3 beautiful & overwhelming children Ninoshka, Lyzelle and Keon. Oscar is a football freak and Mac a total foodie with a love for baking.
Cyriac & Cicy

We have been through mountaintops and valleys with all the in-between over our marriage and children for nearly 3 decades. A prayer family around us has been instrumental in sustaining and encouraging us.